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10 March 2016 @ 11:51 pm
Well hello you up all nighters, you midnight journalers, you moonlit purveyors of smut.

Been awhile since you heard from us, hasn’t it? We haven’t forgotten about you and we still love you. You may not know this but some of our old titles and even some dug up new stories can now be found on Archive of Our Own. But we have even bigger news to share with you.

We are officialiodociously publishing original erotic science fiction. And we want to give you champions of pornography the news first. Our work is available on Amazon and you can get the info and the summary at gay alien sex dot com.

No kidding.


We’ve just released the first part of our first book and there’s a very long teaser available only on our web site (or AO3) and the full 75 page story (first of 4 installments) can be purchased on Amazon.

Because, as the people who have supported our hobby writing for OVER A DECADE, we appreciate you, we adore you, we are thankful for you. Sometimes we watch you and you should really stop doing that thing. (Read our porn instead.) As a thanks we’re starting off the release at 99¢ for the first 100 sales. After that we’ll be bumping it up to $1.99 but the long teaser will remain available.

Spread the word! This is the only update we’ll put out (well here and our other sexiness LJ) and you won’t be seeing our original work under either the LJ or AO3 moniker. From now on when I meet you, you’ll know me as Avery Trade. Be sure to pass the news on to your fellow aficionados of indecency (the ones over 18 that is) that my first book, Cosmic Grind, is on Amazon.

See you space cowboy.